Status / About

Summary status on aircraft, TCAS, channels; and info about the software as such

The Status / About page is the third tab of the Status Information Window (menu itemPlugin > LiveTraffic > Status / Information...):

Status / About page with all sections opened

By default, only the first Aircraft / Channel status section is open.



Live aircraft shown

is the number of aircraft that LiveTraffic currently draws into your simulated sky.

Aircraft seen in tracking data

is a potentially larger number as it also includes aircraft for which some data is available in the tracking data, but it is not enough to calculate a flight path

Number of available CSL Models

How many CSL models have been successfully loaded from your CSL Model installation?

If this is 0 or 1 then warnings will be display instead. Please verify your CSL Model Installation.

TCAS / Multiplayer

tells you if LiveTraffic is in control of TCAS or which other plugin.

Live Weather

is weather information LiveTraffic requests directly from AWC. The QNH value is required to convert pressure altitude to geometric altitude.


RealTraffic, OpenSky, ADSBEx, and ForeFlight are your data channels. "Serving # aircraft" refers to the number of aircraft this channel currently drives, visible or not.

The link icon to the left opens their respective radar view so you can check coverage, or another relevant web page per channel.