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What LiveTraffic can do
Feature overview, with links to more information and to configuration guidelines:
  • Flight tracking data Channels
    • Input: Processes data from 5 tracking data providers, two of them for free (more, config)
    • Output traffic and user's plane data to ForeFlight (more, config)
  • Visual aspects
    • Displays aircrafts based on tracking data, using matching CSL models (more)
    • List of aircraft including details and actions (more)
    • External camera view starting out on any plane's tail, moveable (more)
    • Labels on aircraft show aircraft and flight data (more, config)
    • Map Layer in X-Plane's internal map showing all LiveTraffic aircraft (more)
  • Sound
    • Engine, Reversers, Gear, Flaps, Taxiing
    • Audio Engine: FMOD Core API by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
  • User Interface
    • hide and impersonate planes so you find your gap in a full queue (more)
    • bind keyboard/buttons to most important menu commands (more)
  • Flight modelling
    • basic, parameterized flight modelling for rotate, roll, pitch, flare; acceleration, deceleration; gear, flaps; lights
    • landing and take-off prediciton to calculate point of rotate, lift off, and touch down (more)
    • auto-land in case of live tracking data interruption on approach (more)
    • Ground traffic follows taxiways (more)
  • Integration with others
    • TCAS, map and other tool support based on TCAS targets (more)
    • Supports XPMP2 Remote Client for distributing traffic across a local network, e.g. to support multiple External Visuals (setup)
    • Support for other plugins/tools to integrate with LiveTraffic's data (more).
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