What's next?

Oh...there are ideas...many ideas indeed!

Issue tracking is on Github. But here are the broad ideas:

  • v1.50

    • Finalizing issue #100, snapping to taxiways. The part missing is to avoid cutting corners and stay on the tarmac even when turning off a runway or making tight turns. That requires finding a shortest path between two known positions. The data is there, read from the scenera files, (this code is by and large already included in v1.23), now the logic needs to come.

    • Smoother turns by way of Bezier curves (issue #17)

    • This will be the last release supporting X-Plane 10!

  • v2.00

    • Will support X-Plane 11 only.

    • Will base on a complete re-implementation of the underlying core library libxplanemp, then named XPMP2. It will base on instancing, thereby expected to be future-proof even for times of Metal/Vulkan. The library and a pre-release version of LiveTraffic exists already and work pretty good as of February 2020. Some finishing touches and finetuning needed, as well as merging the changes from v1.50, then it is ready. Instancing will not support older-style CSL models (specifically: OBJ7 format). Most models nowadays are OBJ8, and they are supported. The library also comes with support for X-Plane's internal map: It will show all aircraft with labels in a separate map layer.