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Status Information Window

List of Aircraft, Messages, Status
Access this window from the menu via Plugin > LiveTraffic > Status / Information... or via a keyboard shortcut / joystick button you bind to this menu command.
This window offers 4 tabs with the following functonality:
  • Aircraft List - lists all aircraft known to LiveTraffic with a lot of detailed information and some actions that can be triggered directly from this list
  • Messages - the latest messages that were shown in the message area or written to Log.txt
  • Status / About - general information on number of aircraft, TCAS status, channel status; along with background information / copyright / credits of the software
  • UI Settings - a few settings affecting the appearance of this window (and the Aircraft Info Window combined)
See the above link for details per tab.
Status Information Window, showing the list of aircraft
Last modified 6mo ago