Latest message shown in the message area or in Log.txt
The Messages List is the second tab in the Status Information Window (menu itemPlugin > LiveTraffic > Status / Information...):
Message List
Listed are the latest messages as shown in the Message Area or in the Log.txt file. The number of messages kept for display is configurable in Settings > Advanced > Logging.
Only created messages can ever be shown here. That means you will find only messages of the configured logging level and above.
Above the list you can select which message level is shown and you can do a full-text search in all the messages.
The colors are the same as used in the Message Area, see there.


Sort by any column by left-clicking on the column's header.
Change the order of columns by dragging the column header.
Select visible columns by right-clicking on the column header an selecting the columns from the pop-up menu. The following columns are available:
Your local time the message was generated
Network Time
X-Plane's "Network Time" of message creation. This is the amount of time since X-Plane startup (synchronized across several X-Plane installations in your network if you have them)
The severity level of the message: Debug, Message, Info, Warning, Error, or Fatal. See Message Area for more details.
Detailed source code location where the message was generated.
(This columns are hidden by default.)
The actual message text.
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