Settings - CSL

The "CSL" tab of the Settings dialog

Settings are available from X-Plane's menu: Plugin > LiveTraffic > Settings.... On the "CSL" page you define up to 7 paths, in which LiveTraffic looks for CSL packages on startup.

This comes in handy if you maintain multiple multiplayer clients. LiveTraffic can read their CSL packages and then does not require a separate installation. LiveTraffic is also very tolerant regarding non-existing directories: they will just be skipped with a warning in Log.txt. So you can configure five paths to multiplayer clients in the plugins directory, and even if only one of those clients is actually really there (because the others are moved out to something like plugins_disabled) then still LiveTraffic starts up successfully and reads from that one existing directory. Or you even refer to directories under plugins_disabeld...your chioce.

Paths are usually entered relative to X-Plane's main directory. But you can also enter full paths to anywhere outside X-Plane.

Paths can be enabled/disabled for next startup with the check boxes in front.

By default, there are two enabled paths: Resources/plugins/LiveTraffic/Resources/ShippedCSL and Resources/plugins/LiveTraffic/Resources/CSL. You can deactivate them if you only want to load models from elsewhere, but as long as these standard directories exist LiveTraffic will make sure they show up in the list.

The [Load] buttons will load the respective CSL package (irrespective of the Enabled check box). This allows to load more models interactively and is also good for verifying a new entry. Errors or a success message will appear in the message output in the top right corner.

Unfortunately, X-Plane's edit fields don't provide copy&paste will have to type.

The options at the bottom define default aircraft/model type to be used in special situations:




Register original libxplanemp CSL dataRefs


In case of doubt keep this activated.

You can deactive the option to mitigate the "missing gear" issue in conjunction with running several multiplayer clients in parallal after you converted CSL packages with CSL2XSP for unique usage with LiveTraffic.

Default a/c type


ICAO type designator to be used if tracking data lacks this information, or in the rare case that no better CSL model can be derived for a plane.

Entry is validated against Doc8643.txt, i.e. needs to be a valid type.

Ground vehicle type


Type used to search for a ground vehicle model in the CSL packages, if such one is to be displayed. This is not an official ICAO code but is defined by the CSL package. ZZZC is one used by the X-CSL FollowMe Car model shipped with LiveTraffic.