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Settings - CSL

The "CSL" section of the Settings dialog: How to deal with which CSL models
Settings are available from X-Plane's menu: Plugin > LiveTraffic > Settings.... In the "CSL" section you define how models are displayed and the paths, in which LiveTraffic looks for CSL packages on startup.

Modelling Options

Settings > CSL > Modelling Options
Landing lights during taxi
Without external lights it can be hard to see aircraft at night while taxiing. Some CSL models don't provide taxi lights (which is beyond the control of LiveTraffic). With this option LiveTraffic keeps landing lights on during taxi to be able to see these aircraft.
Default a/c type
ICAO type designator to be used if tracking data lacks this information, or in the rare case that no better CSL model can be derived for a plane.
Entry is validated against Doc8643.txt, i.e. needs to be a valid type.
Ground vehicle type
Type used to search for a ground vehicle model in the CSL packages, if such one is to be displayed. This is not an official ICAO code but is defined by the CSL package. ZZZC is one used by the X-CSL FollowMe Car model shipped with LiveTraffic.
Enhance models, copies files
To be able to control all model animations (like props, rotors, reversers, wheels...) and access all liveries LiveTraffic has to update the CSL models you installed. This occupies space on your hard disk, which is why this option allows you to switch off the feature.
If interested find here some technical background info.

Package Paths

Settings > CSL > CSL Package Paths
Each path is a starting position from which LiveTraffic searches up to 5 hierarchy levels deep for xsb_aircraft.txt files, which start CSL package definitions.
By default, there are two enabled paths: Resources/plugins/LiveTraffic/Resources/ShippedCSL and Resources/plugins/LiveTraffic/Resources/CSL. You can deactivate them if you only want to load models from elsewhere, but as long as these standard directories exist LiveTraffic will make sure they show up in the list.
With "Auto Load" enabled, models from this path are loaded on startup.
Configuring different paths comes in handy if you maintain multiple multiplayer clients. LiveTraffic can read their CSL packages and then does not require a separate installation. LiveTraffic is also very tolerant regarding non-existing directories: they will just be skipped with a warning in Log.txt. So you can configure five paths to multiplayer clients in the plugins directory, and even if only one of those clients is actually really there (because the others are moved out to something like plugins_disabled) then still LiveTraffic starts up successfully and reads from that one existing directory. Or you even refer to directories under plugins_disabeld...your chioce.
Paths are usually entered relative to X-Plane's main directory. But you can also enter full paths to anywhere outside X-Plane.
To add a new path start typing / pasting into the "Add new path" line. The check mark in front
indicates a valid path (directory exists), otherwise it turns into a warning
Opens available folders for selection;
in an empty line the search is starting from X-Plane's root folder
Saves a changed or new path.
In case of a new path also loads models from that new path.
Loads models from that path. Makes most sense when applied to paths not selected for auto load.
Note that there is no way of unloading models once loaded.
Deletes the path from the list (after confirmation)
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