Change Log
What has happened already
This change log is taken from the readme.html file of the installation package.



Update: In case of doubt you can always just copy all files from the archive over the files of your existing installation.
At least copy the following files, which have changed compared to v2.53:
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl
Change log:
  • ADDED a new channel for FSCharter flights, usable for registered users; see documentation for details.
  • ADDED links to follow a flight on the web sites of the feeding channels. Find the link symbol
    in the Actions column of the Aircraft List as well as in the Tracking Data line of the Info Window.

v2.5x - Stability Improvements


This update is meant to better deal with the fact that OpenSky lately started to respond sloppy (delayed or even timed out), leading to LiveTraffic stopping to read from OpenSky. It can't fix OpenSky server response time, but it tries to keep LiveTraffic afloat even while facing slow replies. Also verify that Settings > Advanced > Aircraft Selection > Buffering Period is at least set to 90 seconds to provide for ample buffer for periods OpenSky does not respond.
Update: In case of doubt you can always just copy all files from the archive over the files of your existing installation.
At least copy the following files, which have changed compared to v2.52:
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl
  • Resources/Doc8643.txt
  • Resources/related.txt
  • Resources/FlightModels.prf
Change log:
  • FIXED #219: Network timeouts are handled more dynamically and gracefully and don't lead to channel inactivation any longer. Aircraft master data is fetched in order of distance, so that closest aircraft appear in proper livery first.
  • FIXED #215: Channels, which got inactivated after too many errors, can be restarted (from Settings > Input Channels and from Status / About). Stopped channels are no longer treated and saved as "disabled" and therefor will appear enabled after X-Plane restart.
  • Added Pilatus and other L1T planes to related.txt, as well as some more ground vehicle call signs to FlightModels.prf, see here.


Update: At least copy the following files, which have changed compared to v2.51:
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl
  • Resources/related.txt
  • Resources/FlightModels.prf
Change log:
  • ADDED more enhancements to FlightModels.prf and related.txt to better identify ground vehicles, business jets and small prop aircraft, see here.
  • ADDED an option to the Debug settings to dump airport layout data for analysis purposes


Update: In case of doubt you can always just copy all files from the archive over the files of your existing installation.
At least copy the following files, which have changed compared to v2.40:
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl
  • Resources/related.txt
  • Resources/FlightModels.prf
  • Resources/
Change log:
  • ADDED #214 an option to hide aircraft parking at gates or ramp positions to Settings > Basics > Cooperation.
  • ADDED Dassault 3-engine jets to related.txt, see here
  • ADDED enhancements to FlightModels.prf and related.txt to better identify ground vehicles, see here.
  • FIXED LiveTraffic to be compatible again with XP 11.41 and before (down to XP11.10), see here
  • FIXED crash when receiving unknown aircraft type with OpenGlider Network channel, see here
  • FIXED to be compatible with Python 3.5 upwards, see here


At least copy the following files, which have changed compared to v2.40:
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
    • Linux users: There are two versions now: LiveTraffic.xpl is built on Ubuntu 20.04, LiveTraffic-bionic.xpl is built on Ubuntu 18.04. In case you need the Bionic version rename it to LiveTraffic.xpl.
  • Resources/
    • Doc8643.txt,
    • FlightModels.prf,
    • model_typecode.txt,
    • related.txtt,
    • (new file).
Change log:
  • ADDED #209 export of flight tracking data and/or tracking data based on the user's aircraft to Output/LTExportFD - <timestamp>.csv for analysis or for feeding back into LiveTraffic, see Settings > Advanced > Export. The Python script Resources/, with which this data can be fed back into LiveTraffic, is now part of the LiveTraffic distribution. Try -h for help.
  • ADDED #211 validation of number of available CSL Models to warn specifically if only the included car is available. Added Help menu item for CSL Model installation. Added display of number of available CSL Models on Status page.
  • CHANGED maximum number of aircraft from 100 to 200.
  • FIXED #206 log filling up with weather-related error messages when no weather can be found (like during a cross-ocean flight)
  • FIXED #210 landing planes turning sideways immediately upon touch down, short-cutting the way to the next taxiway position; they should now more often follow runway exits.
  • FIXED #208 auto-land planes disappearing at the moment of touch-down; they shall now roll out to a complete stop again before being removed.
  • FIXED validation of tracking data of planes for which ICAO aircraft type could be determined from model text only, reducing amount of discarded data, increasing number of displayed GA / Business planes with no aircraft record at OpenSky.
  • FIXED #207 race conditions that might have led to rare CTDs.
  • Added a WORKAROUND to limit the impact the still unsolved XPMP2 Issue 23 has, reducing the likelihood of crashes.
  • ADDED two Linux builds: The default is now built on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa. Previously, LiveTraffic was built on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver. This is still provided as LiveTraffic-bionic.xpl. If the default doesn't work for you then rename the Bionic version to LiveTraffic.xpl.

v2.4x - Technical Enhancements to Cooperation


For updating coming from v2.30
  • copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
  • If you use the XPMP2 Remote Client you need to upgrade it to v1.10 as one network message format changed.
Change log:

v2.3x - Support for Networked Setup


For updating coming from v2.20
  • copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
Change log:
  • ADDED support for XPMP2 Remote Client and TCAS Concentrator (XPMP2 issues #22 and #16): After installing XPMP2 Remote Client, LiveTraffic's planes are synchronized across X-Plane instances in the network, e.g. supporting External Visuals, Networked Multiplayer. Locally installed, the Remote Client combines planes from several XPMP2-based clients for one combined view on TCAS. See documentation for more.
  • ADDED issue #199 support for RealTraffic's historic data feed: LiveTraffic recognizes when fed with data from the past and adjusts the data so that it displays now. Use the time slider in the RealTraffic app to go back in time.
  • FIXED issue #201, avoiding creation and immediate destruction of planes when max number of configured planes is reached. Also, available tracking data is kept in memory if plane is removed for whatever reason, so it is faster available again when coming back in reach.
  • FIXED a potential crash related to unexpectedly formatted Open Glider Network data.

v2.2x - Open Glider Network


For updating coming from v2.10 copy
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl and
  • all files of the Resources folder (but not the subfolders CSL and ShippedCSL)
Change log:
  • ADDED #72 new channel Open Glider Network, which tracks gliders, paragliders, and some light motor aircraft based on the FLARM technology. Good coverage in Switzerland, Germany, other European countries where it is fun on the weekend to follow gliders across the country! Occasionally some spot coverage in other parts of the world.
  • NEW: Links to check coverage for ADSBex and OGN now include current position so that their radar view opens where you are in the sim.
  • FIXED a bug preventing to load a Live data refresh period of more than 20 seconds from LiveTraffic's preferences.
  • FIXED using backspace in VR virtual keyboard.
  • FIXED accepting edit field changes with [Tab].
  • FIXED giving up keyboard focus when windows loose focus.

v2.1x - Instancing, Vulkan/Metal Support

v2.1 is a thoroughly enhanced version compared to v1.5. Full details below in the change log. In summary, changes are:


Please follow separate upgrading instruction when upgrading from v1.5 (or earlier) to v2.x!
For updating coming directly from v2.09 just copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
  • copy
    • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
    • Resources/FlightModels.prf,
  • add the new files
    • Resources/Obj8DataRefs.txt,
    • Resources/,
  • remove
    • Resources/, which is no longer needed,
  • execute Resources/ if you have ever used the script before.
Change log:
  • ADDED XPMP2 Issue #4 a built-in way of enhancing the CSL models, which previously was done through the script. LiveTraffic now creates necessary copies of .obj files on the fly just before loading them. New CSL Setting Enhance models, copies files controls if such copies are created; requires restart to take effect. If you ever used, then execute the provided Resources/ script to restore original CSL model versions. This removes most of what had created, but also what LiveTraffic from now on creates on-the-fly, ie. it can serve as cleanup at any time. If you use X-CSL models then it is recommended to remove them completely and re-download latest models for a clean start (instructions here). Even for the Bluebell models it can make sense to start over as they were just released as v1.3, which is a lot simpler to install (instructions here).
  • CHANGED color of action buttons in Aircraft List so that it is now better visible when camera/visibility is on/off.
  • CHANGED Help in Info Status Window is now context-sensitive.
  • ADDED web links for checking ccoverage to Info Status Window in the channels' rows.
  • ADDED field "TCAS Id" to list of available columns in Aircraft List
  • CHANGED #189 handling of aircraft altitude: LiveTraffic now takes barometric altitude from channels instead of geometric, requests current weather from AWC (shown in Status) and corrects altitude internally. While more complex, this approach proved to be more accurate and should reduce number of long landings.
  • CHANGED weight on wheels while landing/taxiing, should end up in correct gear claw angle while taxiing in most models.

v2.0x - BETA Run for Instancing, Vulkan/Metal Support

v2.09 - Beta limited to 14-SEP-2020

For updating coming from v2.08 copy
  • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
  • Resources/model_typecode.txt.
Change log:
    • List of Aircraft including a lot of data and direct action buttons for info window/camera (issue #21)
    • List of Messages, ie. backlog of texts appearing in the message area and/or in Log.txt
    • General status like number of aircraft, TCAS control, channel status, and version information (issue #121)
    All lists feature search/filter options and configurable columns (selection, order, sorting) by left/right clicking/dragging in the column headers.
  • ADDED: Window positions are saved/restored (inside the simulator)
  • ADDED #166 auto-hiding of nearby aircraft. Find two new settings in Settings > Basics > Cooperation.
  • ADDED #192 option not to forward ground aircraft to TCAS/AI, see Settings > Basics > Cooperation.
  • UPDATED model_typecode.txt, which assist in model-guessing when no ICAO type code is available. Thanks go to crbascott for providing this file.
  • FIXED restoring previous view when switching off camera view.

v2.08 - Beta limited to 10-SEP-2020

For updating coming from v2.07 just copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
Change log:
  • ADDED #188 configuration options for maximum label distances / cut-off at visibility range (see Label Settings)
  • CHANGED label's vertical position in relation to the plane depending on plane's WTC
  • FIXED a crash when a LiveTraffic aircraft is turned invalid (due to new THREAD_is_main_thread validations in XP, see issue #190).
  • FIXED other calls into X-Plane's API from worker threads, hopefully avoiding crashes in future versions of X-Plane when validations tighten even further.
  • FIXED a potential crash when a LiveTraffic aircraft is turned invalid in a spearate thread while in parallel XPMP2 is sending its data to dataRefs (TCAS, multiplayer, shared info).
  • FIXED initial height of A/C Info window so that no scrollbar appears
  • FIXED two potential causes for aircraft invalidations

v2.07 - Beta limited to 26-AUG-2020

For updating coming from v2.06 just copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
Change log:
  • FIXED a crash when entering/changing the ADS-B Exchange API key that came up with XP11.50b14. See here.
  • FIXED welcome message and beta warning not showing on startup.

v2.06 - Beta limited to 19-AUG-2020

For updating coming from v2.05
  • copy
    • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
    • Resources/,
    • Resources/FlightModels.prf,
    • Resources/related.txt.
  • It is recommended to run on your CSL models again if you ever did so before, no matter the settings you had used.
Change log:
  • REIMPLEMENTED Settings window in form of a configuration tree list with numerous help options. Supports search for items and copy&paste.
  • REIMPLEMENTED Aircraft Info Window, resizeable, pop out/in buttons, collapsable sections, variable text size and opacity. These reimplementations lay the technology foundation for further UI improvements (and cause the noticeable increase in file size).
  • FIXED numerous bugs in position and heading calculation. Plane movement, especially on the ground, should look much smoother now. Here is how that exercise started!
  • ADDED TCAS fallback: In X-Plane versions prior to 11.50b8, LiveTraffic/XPMP2 falls back to the previous concept of TCAS provisioning, namely AI/multiplayer planes, so that TCAS is again available also in XP11.41 and before; requiring setup of AI Aircraft, though, in most cases.
  • ADDED TCAS slotting, ie. planes will as much as possible try to stay in one TCAS target (resp. AI/multiplayer) slot to make it easier for 3rd party plugins to follow one single plane. Certainly has limits.
  • ADDED: LiveTraffic/XPMP2 understand PilotEdge's format of the xsb_aircraft.txt file, allowing LiveTraffic to read PE's CSL models directly, no conversion required. Note that PE's CSL models might be subject to copyright and/or license restrictions. Check your PE license information.

v2.05 - Beta limited to 08-JUL-2020

For updating coming from v2.04 copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl.
Change log:
  • FIXED crash (Windows only, with no dump or log entry) when aircraft id (registration, flight number, call sign) is 8 characters or more while TCAS is on.
  • FIXED matching of models with no entry in related.txt: They are now compared to all models and not only to other models with no related.txt entry.

v2.04 - Beta limited to 05-JUL-2020

For updating coming from v2.03
  • copy
    • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
    • Resources/,
    • Resources/Doc8643.txt.
  • It is recommended to run on your CSL models again if you ever did so before, no matter the settings you had used.
Change log:
  • REACTIVATED LiveTraffic's map layer as XPD-10825 is fixed in XP11.50 Beta 10. Make sure you have updated to Beta 10!
  • ENHANCED handling of acquiring TCAS control:
    • If LiveTraffic cannot immediately get TCAS/AI control, then the currently controlling plugin is named in the info message and LiveTraffic tries again automatically once TCAS control becomes available, ie. the other plugin releases it.
    • If another plugin requests TCAS control while LiveTraffic holds it, a message is displayed for the user to decide. As LiveTraffic shows real-world traffic it is not required to give up control immediately.
  • FIXED XPMP2 #10: Multiple ICAO/AIRLINE/LIVERY/MATCHES lines supported in xsb_aircraft.txt, ie. one model can match with different criteria.
  • now comments out aircraft with old formats and removes more unneeded commands (HASGEAR, TEXTURE) to reduce log warnings during LiveTraffic startup. Execute again on your models to benefit from this change.
  • Developers: Significant additions to documentation of XPMP2 library, see its GitHub pages.

v2.03 - Beta limited to 14-JUN-2020

For updating coming from v2.01 or v2.02
  • copy
    • lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl,
    • Resources/, and
    • Resources/FlightModels.prf.
  • remove
    • Resources/NoPlane.acf as well as
    • <X-Plane>/Aircraft/LiveTraffic/.
  • It is recommended to run on your CSL models again if you ever did so before, no matter the settings you had used.
Change log:
  • CHANGED TCAS handling to new TCAS override approach that was introduced with X-Plane 11.50 Beta 8.
    • TCAS functionality requires X-Plane 11.50b8 or later. On earlier version TCAS can no longer be activated.
    • Up to 63 TCAS blibs will show on Laminar's instruments.
    • You no longer need to configure AI Aircraft in X-Plane's settings just for LiveTraffic's purposes. Read: If you had configured them only to simulate TCAS blibs, then you may remove all AI Aircraft now.
    • Other plugins' TCAS implementations as well as 3rd party plugins currently accessing the classic up to 19 multiplayer dataRefs will first need to adapt to the new approach to benefit from the up to 63 planes.
    • Attention developers, if using LiveTraffic's AI multiplayer data: The previous slotting mechanism is removed, that means that planes can potentially change AI slots with every flight loop cycle. They are sorted by distance. This is because the new TCAS target mechanism offers the sim/cockpit2/tcas/targets/modeS_id[64] dataRef array to keep track of an aircraft's identity.
  • TEMPORARILY DEACTIVATED LiveTraffic's own rendering of the map due to a bug in X-Plane 11.50b9, causing crashes when the location changes. Instead, X-Plane's rendering of the now up to 63 TCAS planes is activated so that you see at least some standard icons. Bug is filed with Laminar and accepted as XPD-10825. Map will come back once that bug is fixed.
  • CHANGED #186 identification of ground vehicles, takes operator and call sign into consideration. Call sign matches configured in FlightModel.prf.
  • FIXED identification of ground vehicles for the purpose of chosing a map icon if car ICAO type is configured different from standard ZZZC.
  • FIXED XPMP2 #9: Allowing models with same name from different CSL packages. Matching will pick randomly, also across packages. This removes many "Duplicate model" warnings from the log. It remains a warning if the same name is reused within one package.
  • FIXED #183 ghost planes: Some CSL models were not drawn due to a bug while reading xsb_aircraft.txt.
  • FIXED #185 garbage character read from Settings text fields.
  • FIXED #184: Aircraft on the ground, for which no updates are available any longer, were not properly removed but could just sit there forever.
  • REMOVED handling of ICAO/AIRLINE lines from, which previously was meant to define default models per aircraft type and airline. With XPMP2's random pick mechanism this is no longer needed and would even reduce the match quality of the models previously chosen as defaults. Execute again on your models to benefit from this change.
  • In Beta versions like this, Log Model Matching (Debug Settings) is forced to be activated.

v2.01 and v2.02 - Beta limited to 02-JUN-2020

To upgrade an existing LiveTraffic v1.5 (or earlier) installation, please follow separate upgrade instructions.
For updating coming from v2.00 copy lin|mac|win_x64/LiveTraffic.xpl and Resources/NoPlane.acf.
  • CSL Models: If VERT_OFFSET is not specified in xsb_aircraft.txt then it is extracted from the model's .obj file. Will help some X-CSL models back onto the ground.
  • CHANGE XPMP2 #8 Matching now prefers a matching related a/c type plus matching livery over a model with matching exact a/c type but without livery. This will show correct livery more often at the price of picking a related a/c type only if nothing better is available.
  • FIXED #178 planes transforming to cars on touch-down.
  • CHANGED identification of cars: If no info about an object is available at all (e.g. not maintained yet at OpenSky), then will decide for default plane, not car.
  • Aircraft Info Window reports CSL Model again with last segment of path where model is taken from, allows to identify the package used (like Bluebell vs. X-CSL).
  • Removed residual jet smoke from under planes (by updating NoPlane.acf).
  • For plugin developers:
    • FIXED XPMP2 #7 multiplayer slot indexes returned to plugin being off by 1, are now 1-based again
    • Y value published in sim/multiplayer/plane... datarefs is in line again with altitude reported via LTAPI, ie. without VERT_OFFSET.
    • ADDED #180: LiveTraffic's version number and date are provided via dataRefs livetraffic/ver/nr and .../date.
    • LTAPI provides respective version number/date functions, too.
    • LTAPI should also return last path segment together with model name in cslModel.

v2.00 - Beta limited to 24-MAY-2020

Please follow upgrade instructions for upgrading an existing LiveTraffic v1.5 (or earlier) installation to version 2.0.
  • Supports X-Plane 11 only. REMOVED compatibility with X-Plane 10. A legacy version compatible with XP10 is provided separately.
  • Now uses latest plugin directory structure: Binaries are in lin/mac/win_64 subdirectories, each containing one LiveTraffic.xpl file.
  • ADDED support for Vulkan/Metal, re-implemented the core library, now using XPMP2. This means complete reimplementation of (and potentially new bugs in):
    • Reading CSL models. NOTE: Only OBJ8 models are now supported! See your Log.txt for unaccepted models.
    • Model matching, the new approach is explained in this FAQ
    • TCAS support had to take a completely new approach, too
    • AI/multiplayer support.
  • ADDED a map layer "LiveTraffic" to X-Plane's internal map showing all aircraft under LiveTraffic's control.
  • REMOVED the following settings:
    • Max number of full a/c to draw and Max distance for drawing full a/c in Advanced settings. v2.0 no longer distinguishes "full" from "lights only" drawing. Aircraft are always drawn in full.
    • Register original libxplanemp CSL dataRefs from CSL Settings. "Making CSL Packages unique to LiveTraffic" is neither support nor needed any longer. The "Missing Gear" issue is history when using instancing.

v1.5x - Snap to Taxiways


To update coming from v1.50 or v1.51: Just copy the 3 executables LiveTraffic/64/*.xpl.
  • FIXED #174: Aircraft sometimes failed to create when best available data was just half a second away from the end of the buffering period (introduced with v1.50)
  • FIXED a startup problem on Windows 8.1-based systems causing "Error Code = 127 : The specified procedure could not be found." (introduced with v1.51)


  • PARTICIALLY FIXED #174: Should avoid crashing after a rare and yet unexplained event leading to missing data while trying to create a new aircraft.

v1.50 Snap to Taxiways

To update coming from v1.24: Copy the 3 executables LiveTraffic/64/*.xpl and the updated Resources/Doc8643.txt file.
  • ADDED #100: Snapping to taxiways to make aircraft stay on taxiways more often. Also determines gate/ramp positions and turns aircraft the right way. Controlled by Snap to Taxiways setting in Advanced Settings. See documentation for some background of how it works.
  • ADDED #17: Soft Bezier-style curves for turning aircraft.
  • ADDED safeguard to keep approaching aircraft above 2.5° glidescope to avoid landing short of the runway.
  • ADDED #13: Ensure nearest aircraft are shown when reaching limit.
  • FIXED #170 (Windows only): Multiplayer location info initialized with "far away" again instead of zeroes.
  • ADDED message that LiveTraffic does not yet work under Vulkan/Metal. Watch this post and await v2.0.

v1.2x - CSL / AI / Multiplayer enhancements

v1.24 Fix Auto-Land

To update coming from v1.23 copy the 3 executables LiveTraffic/64/*.xpl.
  • FIXED #169 auto-land.

v1.23.200222 OpenSky Masterdata fixits

To update coming from v1.22
  • copy the 3 executables LiveTraffic/64/*.xpl.
  • copy the 3 updated files LiveTraffic/Resources/*.txt and LiveTraffic/Resources/FlightModels.prf.
Changes to LiveTraffic:
  • FIXED handling of OpenSky master data, avoiding duplicate requests. Reduces likelihood of HTTP 503 error and improves handling of it.
  • UPDATED Doc8643.txt and related.txt to include new ICAO aircraft type codes like B3XM (B737 MAX 10)
  • FIXED #156 a bug preventing the display of aircraft when decimal point in regional settings differs from dot.
  • FIXED #50 a crash in X-Plane startup after failed initalization of LiveTraffic (again), e.g. due to invalid configuration file.
  • ADDED some aspects of #100, snapping to taxiways, already. Few changes to aircraft behaviour will be visible yet. But LiveTraffic already reads scenery information to learn about runways and taxiways. Auto-land aircraft will more often and more accuractely find a runway. But the main part, avoiding cutting corners when leaving the runway for a taxiway or turning tight corners, is not yet in.

v1.22.190829 Fixits, model_typecode file

Changes to LiveTraffic:
  • ADDED #44 lookup of a/c type designator by human-readable model text. Can avoid using standard A320/follow-me car in many, though not all cases. Many thanks to @crbascott for providing the mapping file model_typecode.txt, which you need to place into LiveTraffic/Resources.
  • 2 changes to LTAPI for other plugins' benefit:
    • ADDED #2 CSL model in use
    • CHANGED #3 precision of location from float to double.

v1.21.190813 Fixits

  • ADDED #152 option Log.txt: Set Log Level = "Debug" to Debug Settings, in case users search there when following support request guidelines. Unchecking this option resets Log Level to "Warning".
  • CHANGED #149: OpenSky Master Data channel is enforced to be active, when OpenSky tracking data is used to avoid "only A320/follow-me car" issue. Also, OpenSky Master is enabled as a recommendation when activating RealTraffic channel (but can be deactivated manually in this case).
  • CHANGED #122 drawing of message area's background, possibly reducing cloud texture glitches. Fix courtesy of slgoldberg.
  • FIXED #153 validation of original ADSBEx API keys after ADSBEx's server response changed.
  • CHANGED #151 network timeout to 90s and made it configurable in Advanced Settings. This shall reduce the likelyhood that tracking requests to OpenSky time out.
  • FIXED #148 late reaction to activating OpenSky Master Data mid-flight and memory leak when OpenSky Master Data stays inactive.
  • FIXED #136 (Linux only) freeze when stopping a/c display / deactivating LiveTraffic / stopping X-Plane with RealTraffic channel on but no RealTraffic app running.

v1.20.190718 CSL / AI / Multiplayer enhancements

  • CHANGED #111 menu item "TCAS controlled": Can now also be deactivated to give up AI plane/TCAS control, so another plugin can take over mid-flight.
  • CAHNGED #120 #129 how planes are selected for the max 19 AI/TCAS slots: Planes in front have priority over those to the side over those in the back. And planes on the ground have even lower priority if you are airborne.
  • ADDED #143 a power user workaround to run another multiplayer client in parallel with working animations/lights. Requires your local CSL models to be changed by the latest CSL2XSB script. Please see documentation for details.
  • ADDED rotor / propellor / reversers / wheel animations. Requires
    • supporting CSL models (many in the Bluebell package work)
    • conversion of CSL models with latest CSL2XSB script
  • UPDATED, basically rewrote the documentation page on many multiplayer clients in parallel, like when also using XSquawkBox, X-IvAp, Swift and the like.
  • ADDED #147: RealTraffic now provides a proper timestamp in its tracking data, which LiveTraffic uses for path calculations.
  • Features relevant to other plugins' or CSL model developers:
    • ADDED support for more CSL animation dataRefs.
    • ADDED: All sim/multiplayer/position dataRefs are now provided for AI planes, including v_x/y/z.
    • CHANGED: Position reporting by sim/multiplayer/position is the next drawing cycle's position, which helps camera plugins to stay in synch with focus plane.
    • ADDED #144 shared dataRefs for providing textual information about planes as suggested by FSTramp.
    • SEE the Wiki of my libxplanemp fork for more details.
    • CHANGED and ENHANCED #86 communication to LTAPI, which is now an efficient bulk data transfer and includes many text info elements.
  • FIXED #146: If using RealTraffic data, OpenSky Master Data will now always be queried and used if activated (Activation of OpenSky Master Data is always recommended). Previously, for most planes no master data was requested and display relied on RealTraffic's info only.
  • FIXED #139 ADSBEx data will only be processed if in configured range to avoid immediate removal of planes after creation.
  • FIXED #140 identification of network problems with revocation lists on non-English installations of Windows.
  • FIXED #14 Set a timeout of 30s for most network operations to avoid hang-ups when network gets lost.

v1.10 RealTraffic, ForeFlight, ASDBEx with key

v1.16.190507 ADSBEx with RapidAPI

  • ADDED #138 ability to connect to ADS-B Exhcange via RapidAPI. Note: This is a paid service. See documentation for more info.
  • FIXED #135 ADSBEx channel no longer fails and disables when no aircraft are returned.
  • FIXED #137 LiveTraffic no longer fails to start up if X-Plane commands (like sim/general/hat_switch_left) are not found. This might allow using LiveTraffic even on outdated vesions like XP10.45 (untested).

v1.15.190428 ADSBEx with API Key

  • CHANGED #132 channel ADS-B Exchange to new API after public API closed down. Note: API key required, to get one you need to be feeding ADS-B data to ADS-B Exchange. Then, you can request a key there and enter it into LiveTraffic's Basic Settings to re-enable the ADSBEx channel.
  • FIXED #131 errorneous warning valid OBJ8 part types are LIGHTS or SOLID. Got LIGHTS..

v1.10.190406 RealTraffic, ForeFlight

  • ADDED #65 RealTraffic as a new channel. See configuration instructions.
  • ADDED #47 ForeFlight as an output channel. See configuration info.
  • FIXED checking for updates so that it happens every 48h only if no update was found during last check.
  • REMOVED #125 historic options from config file to prevent users from being trapped with "No enabled active channel...".

v1.00 Public Release


  • RELEASE BUILD, i.e. no time limit.
  • UPDATED #117 handling of AI/TCAS planes so that third-party plugins have a better chance of seeing LiveTraffic's AI planes with their correct heading. X-Plane's internal map and Little NavMap now show LiveTraffic's planes.
  • CHANGED #118 reporting of warnings/infos while parsing CSL packages. Repeated messages per package/xsb_aircrafts.txt file are now suppressed and only a counter reported. Previosuly, packages with additional parameters could cause thousands of lines of repeating Log.txt output.
  • FIXED #112 ASSERT FAILED for bWrapAround, a bug in handling roll.

v0.90 Public Beta

v0.94.190303 Public Beta - Release Candidate 2

  • ADDED #107 checking for new version on every 48h; if so message shows up and additional menu item LiveTraffic/New Version... becomes available.
  • ADDED #30 menu items
    • Aircraft Info shown, which hides/shows all A/C Info wnds
    • Close All Windows, which closes all A/C Info wnds
    • Labels shown, which toggles if labels are shown in the current view (internal/external/VR)
  • ADDED #30 commands for most menu items, so that you can assign keys or joystick buttons to them in X-Plane's Keyboard and Joystick settings. In XP11, assigned keyboard shortcuts show up next to the menu items.
  • ADDED #110 option to only control AI aircraft for TCAS blibs on request, i.e. not automatically. That helps integration with other multiplayer clients, who could then control TCAS.
  • ADDED #114 button to A/C info window for switching between AUTO and locked-to-selected-a/c mode.
  • ADDED #103 manipulation of external camera position using standard commands as in X-Plane's Free Camera view. Hat switch mapped to left/right/forward/aft movement. Zoom supported.
  • VR only:
    • A/C Info Window follows into external camera view, so that "Camera" checkbox stays available for getting out of Camera view.
    • CHANGED #115 A/C Info Window cannot be closed when in external camera view, so that the button to return from camery view remains available.
  • Linux only: Open help URLs using xdg-open instead of open.
  • Further CHANGED initial window positioning, especially for Settings UI.
  • CHANGED #108 version number of FlightModels.prf and enhanced validation to make sure everybody updates.
  • ADDED #109 Embraer E-Jet and ERJ families to related.txt.
  • FIXED #116 banking on approach, which had happened especially often in auto-land situations.

v0.93.190224 Public Beta - Release Candidate 1

  • ADDED #98 step-by-step instruction for Bluebell CSL package installation to documentation especially targeting new users.
  • ADDED #105 a Help submenu to Plugins > LiveTraffic as well as help buttons labeled [?] to the A/C Info and Settings window for direct access to relevant online documentation.
  • CHANGED #106 handling of A/C Info windows in XP11 to make use of XP11 features:
    • Created as floating windows, ie. can be moved across monitors.
    • Created as VR windows when in VR mode.
    • Floating windows move into VR and vice versa when entering/leaving VR. VR functionality untested as I don't have a VR rig. Qualified feedback welcome!
    • New menu entry Plugins > LiveTraffic > Aircraft Info... (Popped out) creates a popped out window (native OS window). Initial position might not be optimal yet, but can then be moved anywhere on your desktop.
  • ADDED #16 roll to aircraft movement when flying curves. Still looks a bit shaky, will only get better after implementing Bezier curves (#17) after v1.0.
  • ADDED current number of aircraft shown to menu item text of Plugins > LiveTraffic > Aircraft displayed.
  • ADDED #102 option to Advanced Settings to select which level of messages to show in message area.
  • FIXED #104 positioning of all windows in X-Plane 11. Message are will show up on right-most monitor in top right corner. Settings and A/C info windows will initially be placed in the center of the main screen.
  • FIXED #99 Last Data info in A/C information window, especially obvious in ADSBEx streams, in which the last timestamp never became negative.
  • CHANGED #97 aircraft's ICAO type selection: Decision is pushed out to a moment before actual plane creation when infos from various channels are collected and combined. Reduces warnings about missing ICAO type in Log.txt significantly. Better identifies ground vehicles especially in ADS-B streams.
  • Also, the CSL model for a plane can now change in-flight if new info arrives that affects model-matching, e.g. a proper ICAO type for a plane previously shown with defaults. After manually loading CSL models in Settings > CSL all planes are re-matched, immediately making use of newly loaded models.
  • REMOVED settings for reading historic ADS-B Exchange data, see here for reasoning.
  • CHANGED #101 and enhanced technical exception handling. LT disables itself in case it can't recover from exception (instead of re-throwing the exception, which causes CTD).

v0.92.190211 Public Beta

  • ADDED compatibility with X-Plane 10 again for the moment. This will not last forever, but with the goal to have at least one release version still supporting X-Plane 10.
  • ADDED #96 an error message if there are no active channels serving tracking data.

v0.92.190209 Public Beta

  • Setup
    • REMOVED compatibility with X-Plane 10 in preparation of using pure X-Plane 11 features.
    • CHANGED #70 Reality time is now taken from the network channels; removes the dependency on local PC time being correct.
    • CHANGED #71 creation of network connection, working around an issue when certificate revocation check is unable (Windows only)
    • CHANGED #85 the way text files are read, now independed of line endings. This allows to use the same installation in a dual boot config Windows/Linux and not fail on Linux when reading a CR/LF encoded LiveTraffic.prf file.
  • New/Changed Functionality
    • ADDED #80 ability to hide and hence impersonate planes, see documentation.
    • ADDED #93 external camera view sitting on any plane's tail, see documentation.
    • ADDED #88 Advanced Setting to hide traffic below a certain height AGL or while taxiing, to allow better parallel operation with airport traffic plugins.
    • ADDED #76 Advanced Setting to allow landing lights on during taxiing to see planes at night.
    • ADDED #69 A/C Label Setting to control if labels shall appear in internal / external / VR views.
    • CHANGED #74 distances in Advanced Settings from km to nm. Existing settings from previous versions will be converted on first startup. Rounding applies.
    • ADDED #92 menu item to try to get access to AI planes for TCAS control. Reorganized menu. See new documentation on menu items.
    • ADDED ability to search for squawk code in A/C key field of A/C Information Windows.
    • ADDED #75 options in Debug Settings to fix model matching parameters for CSL model makers. See documentation.
    • CHANGED model matching: Now passing registration (tail number) as the match string for LIVERY. CSL model makers are now able to configure liveries per individual airframe.
    • REMOVED menu item for reloading plugins. No longer needed with new handling of access to AI planes / TCAS.
  • CHANGED #81 multiplayer lib to base on latest upstream code, which in tun
    • ADDED #45 ability to work without access to AI planes (then no TCAS) to enhance parallel operations with other multiplayer plugins. See documentation for usage instructions.
    • CHANGED #63 label drawing back to 3D phase, no longer drawing over cockpit. However, in VR labels still appear in one eye only (#69).
    • ADDED ability to control taxi lights in CSL models. I have not yet found a model, which supports taxi lights, though.
    • ADDED clamping, i.e. the ability to detect from the OBJ8 models the necessary vertical offset for fairly good placement on the ground. Still, a well maintained VERT_OFFSET setting in xsb_aircrafts.txt is more accurate.
  • Pure Bug Fixes
    • FIXED #73 model-selection based on related.txt for some Diamond models, which appeared as gliders.
    • FIXED #84 Message area moving too high on Linux
    • FIXED rounding of altitudes to full feet in internal calculations, which removes step climbs/descends by 1ft, especially visible on the ground.
    • FIXED #50 a crash of X-Plane after failed initialization of LiveTraffic.
    • FIXED Stop requesting master data when shutting down, speeding up shut down of X-Plane when LiveTraffic is in the loop of fetching master data from OpenSky.

v0.91.190120 Public Beta

To update coming from 0.90 or ealier:
  • The v0.91 package now ships with a directory LiveTraffic/Resources/ShippedCSL, which contains the X-CSL FollowMe Car courtesy of X-CSL. Move ShippedCSL under the existing LiveTraffic/Resources directory, in parallel to the existing CSL directory with the Bluebell installation.
  • If you had installed the X-CSL FollowMe car manually, then remove it now by deleting the CARS directory from your LiveTraffic/Resources/CSL directory.
  • If you ever had trouble with "ghost planes" (seeing yellow labels without aircraft) then likely your Bluebell CSL installation has been damaged, possibly by the X-CSL installation. Recommendation is to start over: Clear the LiveTraffic/Resources/CSL directory and download the Bluebell package once again, following the installation documentation.
Resulting folder structure shall be:
- 64 (.xpl binaries)
- Resources
- CSL (for Bluebell installation)
- ShippedCSL
- XCSL_CARS (contains the FollowMe car as included in the package now)
Release content:
  • ADDED FollowMe Car into the LiveTraffic package, courtesy of X-CSL. No need to install this model any longer from X-CSL.

v0.90.190118 Public Beta - Hot Fix

  • ADDED a delay between requests to OpenSky Master data channel to avoid HTTP 503 Service Unavailable responses.
  • FIXED error handling of OpenSky Master data channel, so that too many errors now do lead to channel deactivation as per design.
  • FIXED requesting routes from OpenSky: Don't query call signs with spaces as they lead to HTTP 400 Bad Request. (Could probably be replaced with %20, but for these call signs there aren't any routes anyway so just safe that network traffic.)

v0.90.190117 Public Beta

No change beside the version number.

v0.80 Closed Beta

v0.86.20190112 Public Beta candidate

  • NEW #37 flight route number and routing information from OpenSky, which takes priority over routing info from ADS-B Exchange. This is the first time flight numbers of commercial flights become available. Note that such info is manually maintained by OpenSky supporters based on call signs. You can report wrong routes in the flight detail window of their OpenSky Explorer if you have an OpenSky login.
  • NEW #53 configuration for label colors in "Settings > A/C Labels".
  • NEW #42 tab "Settings > CSL" for configuration of up to 7 CSL paths, and standard codes for default aircraft and ground vehicles.
  • NEW "CSL model" info in A/C information window.
  • UPDATED #38, related.txt with twin engine props, GA, and helicopter codes.
  • UPDATED Doc8643.txt file to January 2019, better replacement of unicode characters (similar character instead of just ?).
  • FIXED #66, which removes deprecated code for Macs around file system access. This is pure code refactoring and shall not influence functionality.


  • FIXED #60 #67 aircraft too high on final and turning 180 degrees on touch-down (I hope). This is yet another significant change to the handling, analysis, cleansing, and landing/take off prediction code of flight tracking data. New isse will require new data for analysis.
  • FIXED #63 Label text size with HDR and antialiasing settings SSAA and higher. Involves a hack of reading X-Plane.prf file to find out about current settings. Try playing with "Visual Effetcs" and "Antialiasing" sliders in XP11.
  • CHANGED #53 color of labels for Airbus to red...which at the moment is just a proof-of-concept that LT can set individual colors. Will become configurable in future release.
  • CHANGED AGL text to "GND_ON" when on ground in A/C info wnd and labels.

v0.84.20181229 Intermediate Release

  • NEW #62 feature 'auto-select' for A/c Info Window. Can be activated via new menu command Aircraft Info (Auto-select) or by typing 'AUTO' into an open info window's edit field. Indicated by trailing text '(AUTO)' in title bar. Window will follow the closest a/c in view, slightly prefering a/c straight ahead over a/c to the side.
  • CHANGED #61 #43 #58: In a multi-channel configuration, OpenSky now has priority when creating a/c, meaning: if both channels 'see' an aircraft before it is actually created then OpenSky will be the channel LiveTraffic prefers. Reason is on average worse quality of unconsolidated ADS-B Exchange data.
  • FIXED #48 #57 #58: Further enhanced flight data cleansing. Mostly affects data from ADS-B Exchange, which don't seem to be consolidated on the server.


  • FIXED #61 #43 #58: Better handling of mixed channels. Please run with all channels enabled. A/c will at any point in time be fed by one channel only, but switching to another is possible if (a) the original channel stopped feeding and (b) the new position is in a reasonable direction to prevent 180 degree turns. As channels aren't time-synched LT needs to make up for the reported time difference with unusual slow/fast plane movements. A channel switch will be document with a DEBUG-level Log.txt entry like DEBUG AA73C3 (SWA1730): SWITCHED CHANNEL from 'ADSB Exchange Live Online' to 'OpenSky Live Online' .
  • FIXED #48 #57 #58: Flight data cleansing introduced, which tries to remove ill-looking positions from the position queue. This shall lead to a lot less 180 degree turns and other weird movements. It will not remove all weird behaviour, though. A position removal will be document with a DEBUG-level Log.txt entry like DEBUG A25CDC (SKW4148): Removed an invalid position.
  • CHANGED default configuration: Auto-Start enabled, all channels enabled.
  • ADDED #37 (still open): A/c info wnd displays origin/dest airport info as reported by ADS-B-Exchange. No interpretation...if wrong refer to ADSBEx.
  • FIXED #64: Fixed using correct altitude value from OpenSky stream, specifically: geo altitude instead of barometric altitude. Should lead to OpenSky a/c better hit runway threshold.
  • FIXED: Enhancements to take-off prediction. Should more often and more smoothly see rotate phase right before take off.
  • FIXED #56 reading [CSLPaths] in LiveTraffic.prf containing spaces. Tested/fixed full path usage on Mac.
  • ADDED Config file entries for DEFAULT_AC_TYPE A320 and DEFAULT_CAR_TYPE ZZZC to LiveTraffic.prf to specify ICAO types to use when (a) no a/c type could be determined and (b) for cars.
  • ADDED #51 identification of ground vehicles in flight data and display of them using the type configured with DEFAULT_CAR_TYPE in LiveTraffic.prf. Requires such a type as a CSL model. Tested with this model .


  • FIXED #44 (still open) a bug in Multiplayer Lib preventing to find a match based on Doc8643 aircraft categorization (ie. find something of roughly similar size) after no match was found directly or via related.txt.
  • ADDED feature to Multiplay Lib to do this Doc8643 match also with matching airline livery. This fix will mean that with a reasonable number of CSL packages installed nearly no plane will need to be rendered with the default plane (currently A320) provided the ICAO type code is included in the received tracking data.
  • ADDED #52: Multiplayer Lib: If VERT_OFFSET is not given in xsb_aircraft.txt files then it will default to a value between 1.2 and 5.5 depending on Doc8643 aircraft categorization to avoid planes sliding on their belly.
  • ADDED a new option Any a/c id to Settings / Labels, which displays the first non-empty field from flight number, call sign, registration, transponder hex code. Good as the one option to id an aircraft.
  • FIXED #54 flight phase "Rotate": Aircraft taking off should now in most cases rotate before take off and initially climb with pitch up. Might also positively influence occurences of too steep take offs, but that was not initially targeted with this fix.
  • CHANGED #55: Once an aircraft reaches an invalid position (like climbed too high with no more live tracking data available) it is now removed immediately. Reduces number of CalcPPos: Ignoring invalid pos debug messages in the log dramatically.
  • UPDATED related.txt, especially in the area of business jets and GA, still ongoing.
  • CHANGED #49 Settings / Advanced: Cleanup, moved debug options to bottom, added option for logging raw network data to LTRawFD.log.


This version does not solve any issue completely but lays the foundation to do so with the next version.
  • CHANGED #38 (still open): Reorganized Resources directory, now also includes FlightModels.prf, Doc8643.txt regenerated from scratch, current as of November 2018, related.txt reworked in large parts (smaller planes yet to do). All comes completely with the LT package.
  • CHANGED #44 (still open): Identify, log, accept a/c master data without ICAO type code, but will still be rendered as A320.