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FSCharter is a virtual aviation career platform.
If you are a registered user of FSCharter, then you can have LiveTraffic display active FSCharter flights.
In LiveTraffic's Settings > Input Channels > FSCharter:
  1. 1.
    Enter your FSCharter log in email address,
  2. 2.
    Enter your FSCharter password,
  3. 3.
    then activate the channel by placing a checkmark next to FSCharter.
Settings > Input Channels > FSCharter
If you need to change your credentials then deactivate the channel first, update the data, then activate again.


  • As always with LiveTraffic, you will only see the traffic in you vicinity as per the Search Distance Advanced Setting. and delayed by the Buffer Period (also see FAQ), so formation flying will not be possible.
  • Shown are aircraft with active jobs as per FSCharter's flight board.
  • Parked aircraft are not shown, so they neither block parking positions nor the runway if abandoned there.
  • Also is your own flight not shown, so that you don't collide with yourself.
  • There is no notion of exchanging CSL models or liveries with FSCharter. LiveTraffic's standard matching rules apply and will pick a model from your set of installed CSL models. Do not expect any of the fancy self-developed personal liveries to appear in LiveTraffic, that show up from time to time on FSCharter Discord channels.
Last modified 6mo ago