Settings - Basics
The "Basics" section of the Settings dialog: Activation and Cooperation
Settings are available from X-Plane's menu: Plugin > LiveTraffic > Settings.... In the "Basics" section you define if LiveTraffic is to show aircraft:
Settings > Basics
Show Live Aircraft
(depends on Auto Start)
Same as via menu Plugin > LiveTraffic > Aircraft displayed:
If enabled LiveTraffic starts querying the channels for live flight data and will soon begin showing aircraft.
Auto Start
Shall LiveTraffic enable Live Aircraft after startup?
Disable this if you want to control yourself when live aircraft are displayed.


This options can help running LiveTraffic in parallel with other multiplayer or traffic generation plugins by limiting shown/reported aircraft. As soon as any of these options is activated a
warning symbol is shown to inform you of the fact that reported/shown traffic is limited.
Settings > Basics > Cooperation
TCAS on request only
If this is enabled then LiveTraffic will not try to control AI planes for TCAS simulation when starting to display aircraft. Then, if you want LiveTraffic to control AI/TCAS, you need to command so via menu item TCAS controlled.
No TCAS/AI for ground a/c
If enabled, then aircraft on the ground will not be shown on TCAS and will not be forwarded as multiplayer aircraft to 3rd party plugins. Both (TCAS and multiplayer) happens via the same technical mechanism, so it can't be separated. Use this option if you want a more realistic TCAS behaviour (as in reality a/c on the ground do not typically appear on TCAS) at the price of not seeing ground a/c in 3rd party plugins.
Use 3rd party camera
Active this if you use a separate camera plugin that can automatically take over the camera view of a LiveTraffic aircraft when you hit the
Developers, read here how to do that.
XPMP2 Remote Client Support
Auto Detect
Shall LiveTraffic send its planes to the XPMP2 Remote Client?
By default, LiveTraffic will do this automatically if it finds itself in a networked setup or it finds XPMP2 Remote Client locally running. But you can override this here.
The following settings will automatically hide aircraft under given conditions. This shall allow integraton with other plugins (e.g. for ground traffic while LiveTraffic takes care of the upper sky) or for accident-free flying in a crowd of live aircraft. If an aircraft fullfills any of the following conditions it will be automatically hidden (but not removed) and can still be manually made visible with
Visible / Auto Visible actions of the Aircraft Info Window or from the Aircraft List.
Hide a/c while taxiing
If activated hides aircraft in phase "Taxi". Makes only sense if No a/c below is 0 because otherwise taxiing planes are hidden anyway.
This settings shall also ease integration with plugins for generating airport traffic.
Hide a/c while parking
If activated hides aircraft parking at gates or ramp positions.
This shall help avoiding duplicate aircraft at those positions if you prefer to enable drawing of parked aircraft with X-Plane and/or your scenery.
No a/c below
0 ft AGL
Aircraft flying below this height above ground are made invisible.
0 means: Don't hide anything, show all.
Hide ground/airborne a/c closer than
0 m
These two settings cause nearby traffic to be automatically hidden as soon as they come closer to your aircraft than defined in these two distances. The first setting (ground a/c) regulates when aircraft on the ground become hidden, the second setting affects airborne aircraft.
0 disables either setting.
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