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Eye candy


I'm hopefully better in programming than in video editing...but
  • here and here are videos showing Open Glider Network data, one shows a tow plane busy at work, the other soaring gliders;
  • here are some pretty old scenes from Dusseldorf, EDDL 05R Landings on 25-NOV-2018, 12:26 - 12:50, taken in X-Plane 10 on a MacBook, i.e. pretty limited hardware;
  • here is a short video of a take off seen from the External View Camera perspective.
  • BlueDuck created a quick video tutorial covering basic setup steps
By now there are quite some other videos available from people with a better rig. Just search Youtube for something like "X-Plane LiveTraffic".

LiveTraffic + XPMP2 Remote Client

Courtesy of @HellG, here is a fantastic video showing how LiveTraffic's planes are synchronized to 3 other networked computers using the XPMP2 Remote Client, and all that in a professional 4 x 4K dome projection setup!


Open Glider Network

Videos: Busy Tow Plane (Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada), Soaring Gliders (Santiago de Chile)
High Glider Traffic
Glider Tow
Preparing for Tow
Wiehengebirge, near EDVY, on 04-OCT-2020, lined with Gliders...FLARM busy at its best!
Santiago de Chile, near SCLC, 02-10-2020
Saint-Hyacinthe, CSU3, 04-OCT-2020

KATL busy despite Corona

When will you finally stop flying?
Taxiway to 26L
KATL 26L, 03-APR-2020, 18:05 local time, using OpenSky and RealTraffic data combined
KATL 26L, 03-APR-2020, 18:05 local time, using OpenSky and RealTraffic data combined
KATL 27R - 09-APR-2020 18:00 local time

ForeFlight and LiveTraffic combined

See here for more on ForeFlight.
LiveTraffic and ForeFlight showing MEA430 on short final into OMDB

OMDB EK440 crossing over the Earth and the Palm

See here for more on camera view.
Camera View on EK440 just after leaving OMDB over "the palm"
Camera View on EK440 just after leaving OMDB over "the earth"

KLAS Traffic Jam 07-JAN-2019 14:47

Las Vega, view on 26 L/R, planes on final to 26L while a lot of traffic is lining up for take off from 26R:
WN3407 arriving, long queue for 26R
TN717 on final to 26L, DL928 ready for take-off on 26R

EDDM Rush hour 30-NOV-2018 16:55

Munich 08L: LH2078 (the A319 in the foreground) is taking off to Hamburg, having EasyJet U25575 arriving from Berlin in its back, and AirBaltic BT223 is waiting for take off. And there's one more dot in the far left, approaching 08R.
LH2078 to HAM taking off

TCAS and Maps

See TCAS chapter for details.
X-Plane's TCAS, X-Plane's internal map, and Little Navmap all showing the same set of 16 planes

EDDM A380 fom DXB arriving

Flight EK49 from Dubai arriving, with AAL717 (to PHL), LH2416 (to ARN), LH105 (to FRA) watching in awe while "queuing" up (actually occupying all three parallel positions before runway) for take off at EDDM 26R:
A380 from Dubai arriving with audience

PHNL 13-NOV-2018, Arrival of HA856 (A332)

See the tabs for more shots of the same flight.
Short Final
Roll Out
HA856 on Final into PHNL, more traffic arriving in the background
HA856 on Short Final into PHNL 08L
HA856 rolling out on PHNL 08L
Same Flight HA856 on OpenSky, the channel providing the flight data

PHNL has GA traffic, too

Cessna 208 (N248KA) shortly after take off

Ground Traffic: OMDB Dubai- Something's wrong with 30L

Lot's of ground vehicles on 30L, all plane traffic is on 30R...what's wrong?
OMDB 30L Ground Traffic Parade - 25-DEC-2018, 12:40

NEWK UAL 1136 - 27-NOV-2018

UAL 1136 arriving late from West Balm Beach in Newark:
UAL 1136 arriving in Newark on 27-NOV-2018, 16:38 EST
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