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Menu Items

The items in the Plugins > LiveTraffic menu
The following menu items are available from Plugins > LiveTraffic:
The screenshot includes keyboard shortcuts for a number of menu items (the text "Alt+s" and so on to the right). These shortcuts are up to you to configure in X-Plane's Keyboard and Joystick settings.
A white circle next to a menu items means "active" or "open".
Now follows a brief explanation on all menu items.

Status / Information...

Opens/Closes the Status Information Window, which offers a list of Aircraft, the list of last messages shown in the message area and the log, and general status information.

Aircraft Info...

Opens another Aircraft Information Window. You can open as many as you like. By default, A/C Info windows open in AUTO mode, but you can at any time overwrite the A/C key to show information for any specific plane.

Aircraft Info... (Popped out)

Similar as above, but opens the window as a separate operating system level window, that can be dragged across your entire desktop.

Aircraft Info shown a toggle, which hides/shows all Aircraft Information Windows temporarily without closing them. Useful if you quickly need to have a full view on your screens but want to continue using the Aircraft Information later on again.
If you request to open a new Aircraft Info window while others are hiding, all will show and a new one opens then.

Close All Windows

...does exactly that to all the Aircraft Information Windows.

Aircraft displayed

This is actually a toggle, much like a check box, and it corresponds directly to the setting Show live aircraft in the Basic Settings.
If there is a white circle next to it, like in the above screenshot, then the option is activated. Otherwise it is off.
When activated then LiveTraffic starts requesting tracking data and will soon display aircraft. The number of currently shown aircraft is added to the menu items text for your information.
When deactivated LiveTraffic removes all aircraft immediately. It also releases control of multiplayer/AI planes required to fake TCAS blibs, so that other multiplayer clients can take control. See parallel usage of multiplayer clients for details.

TCAS controlled

This is actually a toggle: If shown with a white circle as in the screenshot, then LiveTraffic is in control of TCAS targets/multiplayer planes and therefore is responsible for the blibs on your TCAS display and the planes seen by 3rd party plugins like map tools. Otherwise another multiplayer client controls them.
If inactive and you select this menu item then LiveTraffic tries (again) to get control of TCAS targets. If unsuccessful you will be notified with a warning in the message area, stating the plugin which currently is in control.
If active and you choose this menu item, then LiveTraffic releases control of TCAS targets. Planes will still fly in the sky. Usually, you want now another multiplayer client (XSquawBox, X-IvAp, Swift...) to take over control.

Labels shown

...hides/shows the labels, which appear next to the aircraft. This menu item switches one of the settings, which control when labels show: Internal, External, or VR, depending on what kind of view is currently showing.


opens/closes the Settings dialog, allowing access to Basics, A/C Labels, Advanced, CSL and Debug settings.


The Help submenu offers to open some pages of this online help in your default browser:

New Version available!

This menu item only shows up if there is a new version of LiveTraffic available on LiveTraffic checks for new versions every 48h and, if it finds one, shows a message in the message area and adds this menu item.
Selecting the menu item will open your browser on the download page.
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