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ADSBHub is a tracking data sharing service: While you feed to ADSBHub you can use all their data
ADSBHub works as a data sharing site: You need to set up an ADS-B receiver and feed its data into ADSHub, then and only then can you use all data of ADSBHub.


Only while you feed can you use ADSBHub's data and only then will activating the ADSBHub channel in LiveTraffic be successful.
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    Check out their documentation how to feed data and follow it to make your ADS-B receiver connect to ADSBHub.
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    Make sure your ADS-B receiver feeds to ADSBHub by logging into your ADSBHub account and checking your statistics.
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    In your ADSBHub Settings, Data Access section, configure at least one public IP address that shall be allowed to receive data. This must be the public IP address of your simulation PC. Use sites like to figure out your public IPv4 address (which may change every now and then):
    ADSBHub Settings Data Access
    LiveTraffic supports both Data Protocols. "Compressed VRS" is recommended as it transfers a lot less data, but "SBS" works, too. Click the "Save" button to save the configuration. Changes will not always take effect immediately. It can be necessary to wait a few minutes before a new connection can use the changed configuration.
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    In LiveTraffic, activate the "ADSBHub" channel. There is just one option in the Settings:
Settings > Input Channels > ADSBHub
The status of the channel is shown in the "Status / About" tab of the Status Window:
Status Information Window > Status / About > ADSBHub
The link
in front of the line opens ADSBHub's Coverage page.
Depending on your Internet Service Provide, your public IPv4 address may change every now and then! That means you may run into below error and then need to update ADSBHub's Data Access configuration.

Error Handling

If LiveTraffic cannot receive data from ADSBHub then it will say so with a popup error message and error information in the Status / About page:
Status / About page with ADSBHub error information
Verify your ADSBHub settings, especially
  • make sure you are actively feeding to ADSBHub and
  • you have configured the right public IPv4 address in ADSBHub's Data Access settings (see step 3 of the setup). LiveTraffic tries to determine your current public IPv4 address and displays it in the error message. This address should appear in your ADSBHub Data Access configuration.
The error can also appear if you very quickly stopped and restarted reading from ADSBHub, e.g. by deactivating and reactivating LiveTraffic's plane display. In such a case just wait a minute until ADSBHub has recognized that the previous connection is no longer active and allows for a new connecton to be made.
Once you corrected ADSBHub's settings and/or waited a minute click on the "Restart Stopped Channels" button in LiveTraffic's Status / About page to try again to establish a connection.
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