Hide and Impersonate Aircraft
Hide any aircraft...impersonate it!
Taxi way is full, no slot for take off, no space to queue up for approach and landing? Just impersonate any one of the displayed aircraft!
Open an Aircraft Information Window on any aircraft. AUTO mode shows you the one right in front of your camera...but any other is just as well.
At the bottom of the A/c Info Window there is a row of 2-3 checkboxes. To control if an aircraft is visible or hidden you have up to two choices:
  • The
    Visible button directly controls if the aircraft is visible. Just click it and the aircraft is out of the way! Click it again and it reappears.
  • The second button
    Auto Visible is only available if you have limit the display of aircraft in the Settings > Basics > Cooperation by configuring a minimum altitude or checked the option to hide aircraft while taxiing. When
    Auto Visible is selected then the aircraft will be shown/hidden based on these settings. Otherwise the aircraft visibility status is only and directly controled by the
    Visible button.
While an aircraft is hidden it is just not displayed. LiveTraffic still tracks it and calculates its positions. The position information is updated as usual in the Aircraft Information Window.

Impersonate an Aircraft

Use the fact that the aircraft is continuously tracked to impersonate it:
  • Try to keep exactly the space of the hidden aircraft.
  • Maybe even connect to Live ATC, if available in your region, to follow instructions. Remember the buffering delay: You have 90 seconds (by default) delay between reality and what is rendered by LiveTraffic...ample time to follow ATC instructions. Or you follow these tips to delay Live ATC by the same amount of time to have it play in sync with aircraft movement.
  • Watch the Bearing | Distance information in the A/C Info Window. The smaller the distancer the better you do your job!

Auto-Hide Nearby Aircraft

You can also configure LiveTraffic to automatically hide nearby aircraft. Go to Settings > Basics > Cooperation and define the radius for ground and airborne aircraft separately.