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Configure ForeFlight to display LiveTraffic‘s traffic
ForeFlight is currently the only Output Channel of LiveTraffic: LiveTraffic can feed ForeFlight to show the user's plane and traffic. Here's a screenshot what it looks like.
In LiveTraffic‘s Settings you need to enable the output channel ForeFlight. Usually, your own position and the planes created through tracking data ("traffic") will appear soon in ForeFlight.

LiveTraffic Settings

Finde them in Settings > Output Channels > ForeFlight:
Settings > Output Channels > ForeFlight
Sends data in ForeFlight format to feed the ForeFlight EFB app.
Send user's position
Broadcasts user's plane position (GPS) and attitude (ATT) data in ForeFlight format (if ForeFlight output channel is enabled, too).
Send traffic
Broadcasts traffic data (TRAFFIC), i.e. position information for all the live traffic planes shown (if ForeFlight output channel is enabled, too).
Send traffic every
Repeat interval for traffic broadcasts

ForeFlight's Configuration

In ForeFlight, make sure the device "LiveTraffic", which appears as soon as the app receives the first broadcast from LiveTraffic, is enabled. This is usually the case and it should also not disable itself, but just to be sure:
ForeFlight: Settings > Devices > LiveTraffic: Enabled
To see other traffic than only the user's plane also enable the layer called "Traffic".
The "Traffic" layer seems to be reset every now and then! So if you see no traffic in ForeFlight, double-check the "Traffic" layer is enabled:
ForeFlight: Aero & TFRs: Enable "Traffic"
RealTraffic also feeds into ForeFlight! If also RealTraffic is enabled you will likely see two sets of traffic, one from a device "LiveTraffic" and one from a device "PSX" (which is RealTraffic's data). Ideally, you disable the "PSX" device within ForeFlight. However, as the "PSX" device might appear sporadically only this is simpler written than done.
X-Plane itself can also feed directly (Settings > Network > iPhone, iPad, and External Apps > Other Mapping Apps). If this is enabled then you might also see AI planes controlled by X-Plane in ForeFlight, displayed with their internal tail number (like N172SP for the Cessna, or N816NN for the B738).
So generally, ForeFlight can receive data from various sources in parallel. Before blaming LiveTraffic for bad (or good, for that matter) data make sure it's the only feeding application.

ForeFlight Data Format

If you are a developer you could actually make use of the broadcasted data for other purposes than ForeFlight, see here for more information.
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