Aircraft List
Lists all aircraft accessible to LiveTraffic with a lot of details and some actions
The Aircraft List is the first tab of the Status Information Window (menu itemPlugin > LiveTraffic > Status / Information...):
Aircraft List with explanations (click to enlarge)
Shown are all aircraft that LiveTraffic has information about, by default including aircraft that are not yet displayed.
Above the list are filter options where you can limit the aircraft to only displayed aircraft, and where you can do a full-text search across all aircraft data. All columns are considered in this search, regardless if currently shown in the list or not.
The Action column offers the following buttons to do something with this aircraft:
Info Window
Opens an Aircraft Information Window for this aircraft
Camera View
Toggles camera view on this aircraft on/off
Open Flight Tracker
Opens a browser page focusing on the aircraft on the channel's tracking site.
Toggles if the aircraft is currently visible.
Auto Visible
2nd icon only shown if limits defined in the Cooperation settings.
Then, this icon toggles auto visibility.
See Hide an Aircraft for more background info.


Sort by any column by left-clicking on the column's header.
Change the order of columns by dragging the column header.
Select visible columns by right-clicking on the column header an selecting the columns from the pop-up menu:
Right-click on column header opens pop-up menu for column selection
The information displayed per aircraft is equivalent to the information in the Aircraft Information Window. Find there a detailed list of fields.
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