Known Issues

Well...there's stuff that might not work as expected...

Also check out known bugs as tracked in GitHub for the details.

VR: Aircraft Labels appear in one eye only

The labels appear in one eye only. Funnily, some say the right one, some say the left one...but it is consistently one eye only. This has to do with the special way text is rendered in the 3D world, which is simply not meant to use text. Text is a UI thingy, not a world thingy.

The text shown also might move awkwardly if you move your head.

If you prefer not to see labels under these conditions in VR views then there is an A/C Label Setting, which allows you to switch off labels in VR views.

XSquawkBox / X-IvAp parallel operations: Their aircraft's gear, lights etc. not working

LiveTraffic, XSquawkBox, and X-IvAp share the same underlying library for placing and rendering planes based on OBJ files. These OBJ files define what the plane looks like and also, which and how animations (like gear, flaps) and lights are supported. To learn about the current position of gear, flaps ets. and which lights are on the OBJ models query dataRefs. As all clients use the same library for this purpose these dataRefs have the very same name in all cases. This has the advantage that CSL models can be shared across these clients. But the downside is that the clients cannot fully operate in parallel: Only one plugin can register to control a dataRef‘s content. This often seems to be LiveTraffic. So LiveTraffic‘s planes correctly move gear and flaps and lights, but when XSB‘s or X-IvAp‘s planes are being rendered also their query for dataRef data ends up at LiveTraffic, which has no proper gear/flap/light etc. data for them. Which usually means: No gear, no flaps, no lights for them.

This is not easy to fix...but LiveTraffic, in combination with the CSL2XSB script, offer a way of distinguishing LiveTraffic's models and planes from the others, see the Make CSL Package unique section.

v2.0 will solve this problem by introducing instancing.

Cloud texture glitches

In some situations LiveTraffic is the cause of glitches in cloud and other particle renderings. LiveTraffic does not draw clouds or particles itself, but the CSL models in operation by LiveTraffic might at least use the particle system. Issue 122 tracks findings. As it never happens to me I can't really track it down.

Possible workaround: Users report that the glitches stop when deactivating TCAS, e.g. by deselecting "TCAS controlled" from the LiveTraffic menu, or permanently by setting AI/TCAS on request only in the Basic Settings. Noone can yet explain how problem and workaround relate...but I have positive reports from 3 users.

Example A
Example B
Example C
Example A
Example B
Example C

TBM900 crashes

Users report crashes in plugins of the TBM900 plane while running LiveTraffic with TCAS on.

Workaround: Switch TCAS off.

This is confirmed not to be related to how LiveTraffic deals with "empty" AI slots (i.e. temporarily not used positions of the up to 19 configured AI planes). It also happens if LiveTraffic delivers just a zero position as X-Plane would do. Also, similar crashes occurred without LiveTrafic at all but with X-Plane AI on. So ultimately, the TBM900 needs to be fixed.