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Known Issues

Well...there's stuff that might not work as expected...
Also check out known bugs as tracked in GitHub for the details.

Aircraft Labels on Main Monitor only

In case of multi monitor setups labels show on the main monitor only (XPMP2 issue #17).
They do draw in a windowed simlulator session, no matter how large that window is, even if it stretches across multiple monitors.

Aircraft Labels align with Screen, not with Ground

If you apply a Roll rotation offset to your main screen in your Graphics settings, then you will notice that aircraft labels align with the screen, not with ground, ie. labels appear tilted. This might be especially noticeable in a networked setup, in which the XPMP2 Remote Cient synchs traffic to networked computers, which drive External Displays.

VR: Aircraft Labels appear in one eye only

The labels appear in one eye only. Funnily, some say the right one, some say the left one...but it is consistently one eye only. This has to do with the special way text is rendered in the 3D world, which is simply not meant to use text. Text is a UI thingy, not a world thingy.
If you prefer not to see labels under these conditions in VR views, then there is an A/C Label Setting, which allows you to switch off labels in VR views.

TBM900 crashes

Users report crashes in plugins of the TBM900 plane while running LiveTraffic with TCAS on.
Workaround: Switch TCAS off.
This is confirmed not to be related to how LiveTraffic deals with "empty" AI slots (i.e. temporarily not used positions of the up to 19 configured AI planes). It also happens if LiveTraffic delivers just a zero position as X-Plane would do. Also, similar crashes occurred without LiveTrafic at all but with X-Plane AI on. So ultimately, the TBM900 needs to be fixed.
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