Description of configuration items

Settings UI

Settings are available from X-Plane's menu: Plugin > LiveTraffic > Settings.... They are organized in seven collapsable sections: Basics, Input Channels, Output Channels, Aircraft Labels, Advanced, CSL, and Debug.

General Notes

  • All changes are applied immediately.

  • The configuration file is written when the settings UI is closed and on X-Plane exit.

There are no [OK] or [Cancel] buttons. Whatever you do takes effect at once.

Search Settings

The double arrow buttons expand/collapse all sections.

The search box at the top of the settings allows you to quickly filter options:

Text Edit Fields

  • Copy & Paste is supported.

  • [Enter] applies the changed value.

  • [Esc] cancels the current edit operation and fills the field with the value from before the edit operation. No change is applied to LiveTraffic.

  • With [Tab] / [Shift+Tab] you can move focus between edit fields.

Icon Buttons / Window Modes





Context-sensitive help, ie. a link, which opens a page in this documentation in a browser

Show/hide information or entire planes

Pop out the window into a separate operating system window

Camera view

Pop the window back in into the simulator


Indicates links to external web pages

Window mode button: Send into VR (if VR is active)


Close the window


Expand/Collapse all sections

Warning, more details when hovering with the mouse over the icon

Verified, OK

Transparent Mode

In Settings > Advanced > User Interface you can change the settings window to transparent mode.

Version Information

LiveTraffic's version number is shown in the last line of the Settings.

X-Plane Settings

In X-Planes Settings the following is recommended:




Settings > Graphics > Draw parked aircraft


Some planes drawn by LiveTraffic will taxi on aprons and even parking positions. It might look better if they don't bump into aircraft parked by X-Plane.