Display of Aircraft
What's it all about: Planes in the Sky
Long queues at KLAS, 07-JAN-2019, 14:42 (long before Corona)
  • Aircraft 3D model as per installed CSL libraries
  • Model matching between live aircraft and available models consider 10 attributes (more)
  • Aircraft labels (the yellow text), content configurable, can also be switched off

Aircraft and Flight Information

LiveTraffic can show aircraft information and updated dynamic flight data (like position, speed, altitude and so on) about the aircraft as shown in X-Plane (which supposingly is very close to reality minus buffering period, but LiveTraffic certainly needs to interpolate between available data points).

Aircraft List

  • Shows all aircraft known to LiveTraffic
  • Can be filtered for actually displayed aircraft, and by a full-text search
  • Widely configurable table layout with many columns to choose from
  • Action column allows to open A/c Info Windows, Camera view, or toggle visibility

A/C Info Window

  • Shows aircraft info for one or more aircraft right inside X-Plane.
  • Aircraft selectable by transponder code, registration, call sign, flight number, and index within LiveTraffic, or
  • Auto-selecting the closest aircraft in viewing direction.
  • Multiple a/c info windows can be opened in parallel.
  • Options for camera view and hiding planes.

X-Plane's Map

All LiveTraffic aircraft (and ground vehicles, too) are shown on X-Plane's internal map in an additional layer called "LiveTraffic" with symbols roughly matching the aircraft type:
Regional View
Airport Detail
KLAX area, 24-APR-2020, 12:30 local time (click to enlarge)
KLAX, with many ground vehicles, 21-APR-2020, 14:20 local time (click to enlarge)
The labels follow what you have defined in the Label Settings. Additionally, they might be encpsulated in one of two bracket forms:
  • If a label is embedded in [...], then this is an aircraft, which is available in the 19 classic multiplayer slots and hence should be visible on old-style TCAS and map plugins.
  • If a label is embedded in >...< symbols, then this is an aircraft, which is also available in one of the new TCAS target slots 20 through 64 and, hence, will be available to modern TCAS and plugin implementation reading the new TCAS target dataRefs.
Labels on the map can also be switched off in the Label Settings.