Keyboard and Button Commands

Most menu items can be bound to joysticks buttons or keyboard shortcuts

LiveTraffic offers "commands" for the most important menu items. These "commands" show up in X-Planes configuration screens for Joystick and Keyboard asignments. All of them are grouped under the top-level category "LiveTraffic".

Menu Item



Aircraft Info...


Opens an aircraft information window

Aircraft Info... (Popped out)


Opens a popped out aircraft information window (separate OS-level window)

Aircraft Info shown


Hides/Shows all aircraft information windows, but does not close

Close All Windows


Closes all aircraft information windows

Aircraft displayed


Starts/Stops display of live aircraft

TCAS controlled


TCAS Control: Tries to take control over AI aircraft

Labels shown


Toggle display of labels in current view

In X-Plane, the description is shown as the text to select in the configuration dialogs.

All commands are executed on key/button down event only, i.e. just once, no matter how long you press a key or button.

Keyboard Assignment

Go to X-Plane's settings for Keyboard. See here for X-Plane's manual on using the settings dialog. You find the LiveTraffic commands most easily when selecting Plugin Provided:

LiveTraffic's commands in X-Plane's Keyboard settings

Assigned keyboard shortcuts appear on the menu next to the respective menu item, which helps remembering them.

Joystick Button Assignment

Similarly, when assigning joystick buttons (see here for X-Plane manual) you can refer to the very same commands in the right hand command selection:

LiveTraffic's commands in X-Plane's Joystick settings