Flight Data Channels
Where the data comes from that LiveTraffic depends on

Live Flight Data Channels

L​iveTraffic creates aircraft in X-Plane‘s sky at current real life positions. Flight tracking data providers provide this positional information. Without tracking data, LiveTraffic cannot do anything. Collecting tracking data is big effort. Some providers build on flight enthusiast communities to help, others invest much money themselves. Hence, conditions under which we can access their data, varies.
LiveTraffic works out of the box with OpenSky and Open Glider Network as flight tracking data providers. Additional providers, called channels, are available, see the following table. LiveTraffic can work with several channels at the same time.
Check Coverage
Config / More details
free, anonymous
Just enable
free, anonymous
Just enable
free when feeding ADS-B data, or paid subscription. API key needed
paid subscription plus local app, trial available
Local app's radar view, Traffic Status
registered users

Please support the people providing the data LiveTraffic builds upon!

The infrastructure for world-wide coverage of ADS-B data costs a lot of money that public networks don't really have. They rely on your support. If we LiveTraffic users consume the data then we cause load on their infrastructure. In return we should give something. There are different ways you can help those communities:
Support them with ADS-B receivers to increase coverage. It really isn't all that difficult and would help the entire community:
Typically, one receiver can feed into several networks in parallel.
Maintain data, especially data about aircraft and routes. This in turn has an immediate effect in LiveTraffic: If an aircraft is properly maintained then it is shown with correct model and livery. If you find a wrong one go to OpenSky Aircraft Database and add/correct the data (requires a login, which is completely free).
Donate money, ideally regularly, so that the communities have a calculation basis. OpenSky Sponsoring, ADS-B Exchange Donations.
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